The 5 errors more common in websites of Tourism!

After to analyze a great amount of websites of tourist businesses (hotels, inns, apartments, travel agencies and activities) these are the most common errors that I have found:

  1. The site is not responsive. One does not adapt to movable devices.
  2. Google Analytics not installed
  3. Facebook Pixel noninstalled
  4. Form of reserve/consults does not work, is complicated or directly it does not have. 
  5. The site does not own certificate SSL.

We see the details.

Your website is the most important source of intelligence for the tourists, but also the direct channel of sales for your business. Therefore, there is nothing else important that no your site when one is to offer information and to generate sales.

In Surfari we specialized in Design Web for tourist businesses. We have worked with more than 50 clients of different countries.

I want to share this information with you since I believe that it will help them not to commit the same errors at the time of creating its website or redesigning and to improve the present one.  

1. The website is not responsive.

This is definitively first that you must verify and solve the sooner if you are committing this error.

If your site does not adapt to movable devices (cellular and tablets), it will harm so much to you in the results search of Google, as in the results of any campaign of announcements that you do and in the experience of the user at the time of which the visitors enter the site (the possibility that the potential clients do a reserve falls significantly).

We are in 2020! Beam that your responsive site!

As you can verify if your site is ready for the world €œmobile first€?

You can test copying the URL of your site and sticking it in Mobile Friendly Test. Thus you will be able to check if the site works correctly in all the devices. This tool of Google is very simple to use, everything what you must do is to copy the URL of your site and you will know how Google sees your site in minutes.

If the results that you obtain are as that they are seen in the image of above you can be calm, your site does not present any problem on the matter.

Otherwise this test would make a list of all the things that you must improve in your site to become Mobile Friendly. Sometimes it is only a small adjustment, but in many cases it is easier (and economic) to make a complete redesign instead of try to fix the old site.

You do not have to neglect the fact that your movable site does not adapt to device, unless your intention is to resign to the possible clients who arrive at the same using their devices, that even can get to be 90% of the public.

For that reason it is very important not only to pass the mentioned test, but also that previously you yourself you visit the website (or to ask to him to somebody the more) using a movable device and to verify thoroughly if everything is seen or, how the reserve process is seen, if something difficult to use or to see€¦

If you happen this test, either it is not that you must to relax completely, since to have a website that adapts to movable devices does not mean that it has experience of a nice and fluid movable user, optimized for reserves. For this there is no a simple test, as the mentioned one previously, but you want, we can verify your website and let you know what you need to correct and to improve.

Obvious, to see all these data, you must have installed Google Analytics in his website, which takes us to the following more common error.

2. Google Analytics is not installed

This is must!

Google Analytics is a gratuitous service that compiles, classifies, processes and makes your available a great variety of data of your website.

The fact that you close by know the profile of your potential clients who can visit your Web and its behavior in the same can help you to measure the efficiency of your site as sale and information channel.

If you want to know (you must) to the age and the sex of the visitors of your website, from where they come, what interest fields and that terminology search in line takes them to your website, how long happen in the same and what device uses, what webpages visit habitually, of what sections leave your website and which is the reason, if they conduct certain battles and many other things (filling in reserve forms, for example), everything what you need to do is to create an account of Google Analytics and to connect it with your website with a Code of pursuit of Google.

In the image of above you can see the form in that you can find the code of pursuit in the section Administrator under the option Information of pursuit. You must insert this code in the section <head> of your website.

Also it is important the fact that Google Analytics can be connected with other tools and platforms, as Google Ads. It is not necessary to say that Google Analytics is necessary for marketing in Internet. Your actions of digital marketing are irrelevant if you cannot measure them and realise a pursuit of his yield.

3. Pixel of Facebook not installed

The pixel of Facebook allows us to measure and to increase the efficiency of our marketing online. Without the pixel, you will not be able to use techniques marketing outposts, as remarketing and the pursuit of conversions.

If you want to make a decent marketing for your business, to have the Pixel of Facebook is not an option, but an essential tool.

The Pixel represents a unique piece of code that is inserted in the website. If you have it, you can form and track conversions and events, optimize campaigns of announcements, create customized and similar hearings, execute campaigns of remarketing, etc.

Thus it is as that fragment of installed code is seen (using Google Tag Manager):

 The Pixel and the instructions for their installation in the website are Ads on Facebook Manager, in the section Pixel.

4. That it is not possible to be reserved directly or that is very complicated.

This it is the problem most common in the websites of hotels, inns, apartments, tourist agencies of tourism, activities and other businesses.

We do not have to say how important is the form of reserve adapted for this type of websites.

The people who visit the Web of your hotel or your agency must be able to reserve easily using the forms of reserve of the site. It is an excellent way to obtain direct reserves.

If you do not have a reserve form, she does not work correctly or it is difficult to use, the visitors they will leave the website and they will reserve using some of the intermediary websites (where you lose with the commissions) or, worse still, they will reserve to your competition.

And you do not want that this happens.

There are three more common problems with the reserve forms€¦

a. There is no reserve form. Not even a phone number!

It seems lie, but still there are some websites that do not have reserve option in line, the reserve form does not work or directly it does not have.

The phone number usually is small and is hidden in some place of the corner of the section of the footer; or not even there is phone number.

They depend on the country, but in the majority of the cases, to the national travellers likes to reserve making a telephone call.

Then€¦ Quick attention to your forms of consultation, data of contact and especially to the phone number! That number does not have to remain small and hidden, it would have turns thus:

+54 280 454 675

In addition to his size, one is due to be able to click in the number, which means that if click becomes, it is due to mark.

b. Very complicated process of reserve

To have a reservations system in your site is not sufficient, must be easy to use.

The potential clients who sail your website must be able to reserve of fast and easy way, in a few simple steps.

To complete the reserve form must be intuitive and you do not have to ask for too much information to the users. He must only contain the fields that are necessary for their later processing.

An example of a site that we designed:

c. The reserve form is not sufficiently visible

The bar of main reserve is generally in the home page, that is correct but nonsufficient.
Also it is necessary that one is in the page of each room, tour, activity, service, etc. and that has a button To reserve now visible and showy in all the website.

5. The site does not own a certificate SSL

 Certificate SSL represents a basic standard when we spoke of security Web.

This is especially important if you sell directly in your website, or if you have several forms that need to be completed with personal information, that is most common in the sites of travel agencies or hotels €“ Form of reserve, form of consultation, contact form€¦

With installed certificate SSL, all the data are codified and encriptados, so that a navigator or a servant only can decode them. This way, the SSL helps to protect and your clients to you of hackers, Spam or any type of abuse of confidentiality of data.

It is very important for sites of tourist businesses where the potential clients need to complete personal information when they fill in a form, as their direction, number of passport or even their credit card.

Not only the visitors of your site feel like more insurances, but your company shines more professional.

When having a certificate SSL also you confirm the authenticity of your website, verifying that it is the only representing site of your hotel, travel agency, organization, etc.

In other words, the visitors occur account that is not a false or suspicious site, but a verified company. People must believe before removing her wallet to you Truth?

What also it is important is the fact that certificate SSL has become one more of the more important factors SEO for the classification of websites in the results search of Google.

Google does not want to send visitors to those uncertain websites, reason why it offers the advantage to position to which they have the brand https: //.

The websites that have certificate SSL will receive a brand of €œsafe Connection€ of Google Chrome, which increases the confidence in your website, which is extremely important at the moments for making a decision from reserve.

In addition to the mentioned problems previously, there are many problems less or more serious in the websites of tourist businesses and all together ones they have a negative effect on the operation of the website as information channel and sale.

These problems usually are:

  • Badly SEO in off - site and on-site
  • Bad experience of user (UX)
  • They take much in loading

Feel to you frees to contact to us, we can make a complete audit of your website or even create a customized budget for a complete redesign of the same to harness your company. Thus your only you concentrate in spending time to him to your clients.

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