5 things that any tourist Web must have

You can imagine a company that does not have a website? Nowadays he is something imprecindible, mainly in the industry of the tourism. People want to plan her vacation ahead of time, and they will not be able to do it but you have a website with good an UX (user experience), or worse still, than she does not exist!

Following these steps you will improve the experience in your site and perhaps you obtain to some extra reserves 😉

1. Intuitive navigation

This is the most important characteristic that you can offer to them to the visitors of your site! If, already that it must see attractive, but in addition it must be logical. The visitors will see what you offer, will enchant to them, they will remove its ready credit card to reserve and€¦ they will occur by won and they will go away with your competition because they did not find the button to reserve.

When you are going to work in your site assures to you to have another pair of eyes that can contribute another glance in addition to yours. Clearly, the menu, navigation has sense for you, for that reason you designed it of that way. But€¦ It has sense for all? Test with 3 or 4 friendly and deals that use the website They are able to do everything easily what you want that your clients do? They can find the information that needs? Do all the sections of your products/services have the call to the action in the same place?

2. Integration with your Instagram

To integrate your feed of Instagram is a way simple to maintain updated your site without having to enter the panel of administration of the same constantly to update it. Assuming that you regularly maintain updated your Instagram, the visitors of your site they will see new photos whenever they enter.

With a profile of optimized Instagram the tourist businesses can be benefitted widely. And thanks to his integration, you can also have those benefits in your Web.

3. Bellboys to share in social networks

To add bellboys to share your content in social networks allows your visitors to share your site in its own networks. As we know, the key so that somebody does something that your you want you must it put easy. These bellboys do it, can share your site in their networks just by a click.

To make that your visitors share your content will make 2 things (mainly):

Whatever it shares your links will help with your SEO. The algorithm of Google they themselves only know it. But what if we know is that I take into account the amount from times that a content is shared, seen, his €œlikes€, etc. So whatever more people share your better content will look at Google to you and higher she will position your site.

You receive more exhibition. The family and friendly groups lie down to travel to similar places. When the moment arrives for reserving some vacation, people will consider which recommends their friendly. She trusts me, I finish reserving a hotel in Puerto Madryn because a friend sent a connection to me of the place where it had remained.

4. Calls to the action and always visible bellboys of reserve

Bellboys in scroll. When using this does not matter in which section of the page you are, the reserve bellboys and calls to the action remain always visible. You remember to the person of above who wanted to reserve but I cannot because she did not find the button due to the structure of your navigation? This way never it will happen again. Even if the visitor is at the end of the page these bellboys are there hoping that somebody reserves

You will never know in that point somebody will be ready to reserve. Perhaps they have to do a pair of photos first. Perhaps they must read about your service in detail. If you have luck will reserve so soon land in your Web. The reserve bellboys are esprando them in each passage of their navigation by your site.

5. Sticky menu & Back button to Top

Both are carater­sticas similars, so we will mention them altogether. We live in the era of the instantaneous allowance. What we want, we want it now. If we must hope, we followed ahead.

You do not want that the people go to the site of your competition, simply because lost themselves when moving by a page and they did not arrive at the information whom they looked for. With a fixed menu or a button to return at the outset, the visitors of their website will be able to arrive quickly at where they want to be.

Good, they are there, the 5 characteristics that must have your website. The majority them you can implement you yourself, but, by all means, we recommended that a professional makes it to make sure that correctly everything works. If you want to update its website, communicate to you with us here making click. We can see your site (if you have) and on the basis of the needs of your business of offering a customized budget to you.

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