Guide to secure more direct reserves

In the era of Skyscanner and Airbnb he can seem difficult to cause that people reserve directly with you without no intermediary (Booking, Expedia, etc). So many different companies and with apparently low prices are attractive for whatever this looking for experience of trip. Then, as you can convince to persones so that they reserve with you? It follows these advice and you will see how you begin to attract new direct reserves.

It knows your niche

You must make of everything not only to differentiate to you from your competition, but to assure to you that the travellers prefer to reserve directly with you. As no traveller is equal to another one is impossible to attract all.

Guide to secure more direct reserves

The key is in knowing your niche. It thinks that it is what beams in your trips, activities, lodgings, destinies, etc and that it distinguishes to you of your competitors.

Religious, sport tourism, golf, fish, mountaineering, mochileros, trips in family with small children, some destiny in particular, are different types from niche.

Once you know your niche, it asks and it interacts with the travellers interested in the same. This will allow not only to discover its desires and needs you, but also the problems by which require of a tourist operator to solve them. From there, it is your responsibility to discover as solving those problems.

Branding. Your brand works.

The brand is essential for any company. To create an image name brand coherent help to the potential clients to associate the service with your company. The brand includes everything, from the logo, the tone of voice and the colors that you use in your website. In order to stand out, your company must stand out as much as service as in aesthetic.

Assure to you that your brand also connects with the niche in which is. For example, if you dirijes to people who have more than 60 years and they like the cruises, your brand must be very formal and appropriate for your hearing (you can see an example of a website that we designed for cruise passengers doing click here). If you go to a younger public and adventurous you need €œan audacious€ design more and adapted to its tastes (to see example here).

It constructs relations

Guide to secure more direct reserves

To travel is a social experience, and the industry of the trips is exepcional in this sense. The relations do not come from campaigns of marketing or publicity (although this can help). They are created from the establishment of a relation and, finally, a bond with your clients.

People need to trust you to travel with you. If they create in you, you have the opportunity to gain its loyalty and, hopefully, some recommendations for friendly and relatives. In order to construct these relations it speaks with your clients. When they travel with you, assure to you to only offer the best service and to cause than they feel as in family. Once finished the experience, the e-mails, the special request of commentaries and supplies they can maintain the relation. Creative!

It encourages to share your content

When interacting with your clients, encourage them to share your content. This is a form to guarantee that your hearing promotes your services. You can ask to them that they share the photographies of the trip that realised with you in the social networks using hashtag and a label of location. This could inspire to others to make the same trip or contact you at least to know on your supplies.

An excellent way to encourage to the people to share content is through a drawing. Or why not to realise a competition by the best photography of trip and to offer a discount for the winner?
This will help to construct a community sense you, to interact with the followers and also to arrive at new hearings.


It creates value content to share it. The blogs are one of the best forms to arrive at new people. Some benefits: When publishing content of value in your blog you have good material to share in your social networks, improves your SEO and it positions to you as an expert of the industry. But what is what you write in this blog? Envelope writes which you know on your niche and that your objective public will find useful.

An informative publication on the 10 more important things that you must know on hiking, how to arrive at a remote location, gastronomical supply of the zone, is a good place to begin. You do not forget to use photos and videos, a visual pause causes that an article is more legible and attractive.

It attends events

To attend events on trips and tourism doubtlessly will promote your business when giving to know its name and probably it will attract new clients (especially if you are giving pamphlets, transfers or another product). Armed with your brand, these small flatteries will act as your business cards and will help your brand to stay in their mind.

Nevertheless, these events not only are full of potential clients, expert of the industry of the tourism they go to events as this and they look for to share his experience with the tourist operators. You can take this opportunity to be related and to obtain new ideas.

Social average

Guide to secure more direct reserves

Also you can communicate and interact with a community without having to travel to an event. The social networks not only connect to friendly and relatives, but they can harness your tourist business. Assure to you to use the three great ones: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram intelligently and frequent. Other platforms, as Pinterest, can help to develop your presence in the social networks, but the three main ones must be your priority.

To use these tools as marketing platform is something essential! To have an account of a social network dedicated to your business will increase your credibility and will offer to your potential clients the content who wish to see, so you do not use your personal account!
I encourage to the people to follow, to give likes and to share (or to retuitear) your content, but assure to you to do the same by the others. This is one of the best forms in than you can increase organic the reach and arrive at new people.

Incredible experiences of trip

The people choose to travel with a tourist operator not to have to plan. Although Internet has done it much more easy, it continues being a little tedious to plan some excellent vacation, especially if you do not know the destiny very well.
You must satisfy to that they look for the way easiest and to offer options to them and incredible packages that simply cannot let pass. She takes care of all the details as if you were you yourself the one that goes of vacation. After all, your particularly incredible service is the main reason by which that your clients choose to you truth?

Customized service

In order to attract the people, you must make that your service is really customized. Each traveller is different. You cannot offer the same vacation that you offered to him to a pair in a romantic escape that to a pair of friendly young people who look for adrenalin. If your service seems too generic and impersonal it will not attract as much people.

A form to avoid this can be to give to your potential clients a questionnaire that designs perfect vacation for them. This will assure that the option that you offer is attractive for them and only for them. By all means, this can be more challenging if you are offering a group route of several days, but thinks about how you could add a personal touch. If you are offering a trip by India, you can suggest classes of kitchen, classes of dance, massages or long walks as additional options.

If you want to attract more people so that your services choose, these advice without a doubt will help you. He interacts with your clients, he offers supplies and he promotes the differential of your business. The marketing of mouth in mouth, as much in the social networks as in person, is also another one of the most effective forms to attract the people to choose your services.

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