Would You like to occupy to you of your business while we worked to let grow it?

It is simple. Our objective consists of improving your visibility in Internet thanks to a professional Web focused in SALES and a digital strategy that helps you to catch more clients and to emphasize of your competition.

As well as each person is unique, the design of your business also must transmit that €œsomething€ that distinguishes to you and does to you only. There will never be two equal businesses.

What say the clients?

Why you would have to work with us?

In the world online there are much €œsell-smoke€, people or agencies that claim to be expert in design Web, but that the only thing that they look for is your money without concerning the result to them of your investment. We did not work thus. We do not want money of people who are not happy with our work. 

In addition, you will like to know that€¦

  • We look for the simplicity in the design: The deep understanding than is desired to transmit or to communicate of clear and concise way. This causes that the design is attractive, is not confusion and helps to obtain the goals.
  • Our commitment is of the 100%. We take the projects from the clients as if they were own and we have special well-taken care of and details to them.
  • What we offer to you if you decide to contract to us is a relation of confidence in which we listened to you, we thought, we advised and we took the opposite if we create it necessary. Always with the last objective of which your presence in Internet is truly profitable for you.

Who is behind all this?

Nicol¡s Pereira

CEO & Design Web

Now that already you know to that we dedicated ourselves, perhaps also you want to know who began all this. Here I share some data to you extra.

I am called Nicol¡s Pereira, I been 25 years old and I am of Buenos Aires, at the moment living in the Patagonia, more indeed in Puerto Madryn.

In Surfari the extreme trips and sports enchant to us. In fact one of my majors motivations to undertake and to create an agency 100% digitalis was to have the freedom of which each can choose where to be, taking the lifestyle that wishes.

Joan Javier

Development mobile & Web


Graphical design


Design Web



It increases to the sales with a DESIGN WEB that reflects the true value of your business.

We create in which the good projects become between people, not between brands.

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