As to create a €˜Buyer Person€™ in tourism (Group free)

The €œBuyer Person€ could be defined as a fictitious representation of your ideal client, cradle in an investigation of market and the data of your present clients. 

A thing is safe, to define your to buyer person will allow you to personalize your messages, campaigns and announcements towards the different segments from the market and will maximize your actions of marketing.

If you are working in tourist marketing, surely you know that the personalisation of your hearing is something nails. Nevertheless, to be able to realise an suitable segmentation, you must know who is your objective public.

Nowadays the personalisation is the key of the success in the tourism. Not only you need to personalize your service, but also your promotions and announcements of sale. The first step in this way is to create a called person buying (to buyer person).

You have asked yourself who are your ideal clients and what problems you can solve for them?

If you do not have a clear image of those who is your ideal clients, there are many chances of which you invest many resources in marketing and which in the end you do not secure the wished results.

In other words, all actions of marketing must be aimed at the correct people who can become potential clients.

If you do not know as to recognize them and you do not understand his habits, needs, desires, opportunities, and problems, your marketing will not produce any result, without concerning whatever you try it, because it is directed to the mistaken public.

The from Leon one cannot hunt zebras if they do not know as they move, as are his needs and weaknesses.

The same applies to your campaigns of marketing if you do not know where and as attacking your ideal clients.

Why it is important?

Internet brought immense possibilities of segmentation, you can exactly show announcements those people who are interested in which we offer and that would be arranged to pay for that reason.
This only turns to Internet into the most effective channel of marketing, but if you focus your publicity in the hearing that is your ideal client.

In order to know how to take advantage from this, you must investigate and get to know your objective public.

What is a €˜Buyer Person€™?

 The €œBuyer Person€ could be defined as a fictitious representation of your ideal client, cradle in an investigation of market and the data of your present clients. 

We know that we cannot focus of particular way in each potential client, since the number is immense. But we cannot either offer the same product or service to all the clients, since their interests are different.

What we can do is to group to a great number of our potential individual clients around some interests, needs, problems, etc. is Here where the €˜Buyer person €˜enters scene.

After to analyze who is ours target, we can segment it according to his needs, desires, I interest, sort, age, familiar state, purchasing power, etc.

As we shelp, €œBuyer Person€ is a fictitious average figure of our ideal client. Why she is half fictitious? Because this person in fact does not exist, we have invented it and created sen she bases to information and data on our real clients.

Our ideal client represents a species of generalization of all the characteristics of particular an objective group. He is an ideal representative of one of our public objectives (you must not have more than 5 objective public in the market).

The €œBuyer person€ allows you €œto humanize€ and to individualize your messages and announcements. This will help you to send a clearer and customized message to your objective group, being maintained low the publicity costs, which will be in a more effective marketing.

How to create a Buyer Person?

First that everything, thinks as your ideal client sees itself:

  • How many years he has? 
  • Which is its work and could whatever pay by a trip?
  • It only travels or in family?
  • It needs parking or transfer to the airport?
  • Which are their general interests?
  • Speak your does language?

These are all the details that, more or less, already you know on the potential clients. At the most precise you do this, better will be the €œBuyer person€.

In order to create your €œBuyer person€, you need to include that group of your potential clients and to see which are their common characteristics, as they are his problems, his basic needs and desires which it can fulfill your supply.

There are many ways to obtain this€¦

Google Analytics

 When reviewing the information in the section €œHearing€ of your Google Analytics, you can learn much on the visitors of your website.

The demographic information show to the age and the sex of the visitors of the Web, and also information on the location and the language, that devices use (portable computer, desktop computer or movable device).

For each of these segments, it verifies which is its behavior in the website: how long they remain, how many pages see during a visit and which is the rate by ricochet. Who have the greater retention time, a greater number of pages visited by session and a by ricochet smaller rate is definitively candidates to classify them in different categories and to define them as buyer people.

Facebook Analytics

The page of Facebook of your destiny, travel agency, restaurant or hotel also compiles a great amount of information on your followers.

It is important to emphasize that the collected data of Google Analytics and the page of Facebook are not applied to the same hearing! The information of the hearing in Google Analytics is related to the visitors of your website, whereas the data in the statistics of your page of Facebook are related to your followers and fans of the page of Facebook.

Groups of Facebook

 The groups of Facebook often reunite people of the same interest, with the same occupation, problem or any subject discussed by their members. Everything what you must do is search the groups that concentrate in trips, specific hotels, tourism, destinies, etc.

There you can to see that questions are those that often worries to the members about the group, that subjects generate major interest, that fear and as they were his previous experiences (or positive or negative).

In addition, you can see his personal profiles to obtain an approximated image of whom they are these people, to reunite them around a common interest (for example, trips in Patagonia, lovers of the mountain, tourism in Panama, etc), that is the essence to create a €˜image of buyer person€™.


 For example in Tripadvisor you can see that questions are those that often worry to the travellers.

Some tips


You must know the fears your clients. For example, the parents with small children always fear for their security, reason why in the announcement that you create, you can write that a doctor will accompany to the group during the trip.

Favorite Web sites

Where they pass most of his time online your clients? Which are the websites and the applications that use more? Here you do not have to generalize and to say to something as €œwebsites of sports€ or €œwebsites of trips€, you must indicate the specific names of domain of those websites. You can use this in front of many ways more, but most obvious it is to use these websites as locations for your announcements by means of a campaign of Google Ads Display.

Favorite brands

Sometimes, a brand is only sufficient to aim with laser at the specific group and to realise the most effective campaigns. For example, to the mountaineers probably they like the brand of Northface, to the photographers likes them Nikon, Sony, Cannon or Carl Zeiss. You can arrive at the cyclists aiming at which have demonstrated interest in the Shimano brand, with additional restrictions on other interests (mountain cycling, cycling, etc.).

Group free to create your to buyer person

If you arrived at the end of the article means that you have recognized the importance of creating a €œBuyer Person€.

It is why there am preparation this group to help you to create your €˜Buyer Person €˜for company, travel agencies of tourism, destiny of trip, hotel, apartment, restaurant, guide of tourism and other stakeholder of the industry.

It is possible to create more than a Buyer person. Following complex and how heterogenous they are your potential clients, you can create two, three or more €˜Buyer People€™ (not recomiendda more than five).

For example, for the strategy of marketing of a hotel, two could be created €˜Buyer People€™: one for the national clients, and another one for the foreign clients, one for businesses, the other for trips in family with children or one for trips with friends.

It is important that you know that just by to create the profile of your ideal client does not guarantee great results. Yes, in the majority of the cases it will help you to obtain better results of marketing. But it depends much on the form in which you have explored, investigated and compiled information on your potential clients, how you will campaign, etc.

It unloads the group free

It writes your direction of email and it unloads the group to create your to buyer person.

We will use your e-mail to send to you contained useful as this, but you do not worry, you can be terminated at any time and we will not share your data with third parties.

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